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Elvox Intercom Audio and Video Systems
Supplied for the Government Housing Projects

Project Name

Number Of  Supplied Houses

1.     East Sulaibikhat Housing Project

     1,599 Houses

1.     Omel Haymen Housing Project

1,055 Houses

1.     Al-Qurain Housing Project

1,038 Houses

1.     Jaber Al Ali Housing Project

849 Houses

1.     Jleeb Al Shyoukh Housing Project

587 Houses

1.     Hadiya Housing Project

584 Houses

1.     Al Rehab(South Rabya) Housing Project

360 Houses

1.     Fahed Al Ahmed(West Jleeb Al Shyoukh)

296 Houses

1.     South Al Jahra Housing Project

260 Houses

1.     Rigga Housing Project

250 Houses

1.     Al Naeem Housing Project

133 Houses


1.     K-Net Company

2.     Embassy Of England

3.     Embassy Of United States

4.     Embassy Of Beneen



















 Central Satellite System

 Crown Plaza Hotel

 Al Safir International Hotel

 Regency Palace Hotel

 K.O.C Head Office in Ahmedi

 Minister of the Amiri Diwan(Prince Premises)

 Ministry Of Interior

 Army Officers Club

 Alhani Company

 Olympic Committee Hotel

 Alansari Clinic

 News Agency “Kona”

 Kuwaiti Scout Association

 Alomaraa Company

 Opec Oil Organization

 Albaghli Company

 Bahbahani For Cars

 Albab Real- estate Company

 Bahman Institute

 National Bank Of Kuwait

 Masila Company

 Shaikh “Naser Alsabah”

 Dasman Palace




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